• High Q/High Power Chip Ceramic Capacitor
  • Non-magnetic General Chip Ceramic Capacitor
  • Non-magnetic General Chip Resistor
● High Q, high power, low noise, high self-resonance, ultra-stable performance. Resin   encapsulation of capacitor with lead to prevent arc-over and corona.
● Typical circuit applications: High frequency/microwave/RF amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, filter networks.
● Applications: Mobile communication base stations, repeaters, wireless radio and television equipment, MRI, high-speed railway signal transponder.
DLC10 Series

DLC70 Series

DLC75 Series

Power Capacitor Assembly

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  High Q/High Power Chip Ceramic Capacitor
  Nonmagnetic Chip Ceramic Capacitor
  Nonmagnetic General Chip Resistor
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